Common Uses for PeopleSmart

What You Can Do

  • Plan a Classmate Reunion

    Plan a reunion and find your classmates contact information. Start sending out invitations today to your alumni.
  • Find Long Lost Family Members

    Use our search tool to find family members. Reunite with your long lost relatives now!
  • Find a Lost Love

    If you've always wanted to reconnect with an old boyfriend or girlfriend but just didn't know where to find them, we can help with your search. Begin your journey to get a second chance with a lost love.
  • Find Old Friends or Classmates

    Searching for someone couldn't be easier. Find people that you have lost touch with and reconnect today!
  • Find Someone's Email Address

    Get in touch with someone by finding their email address. Start your search and start communicating with them quickly and easily.
  • Find Mailing Addresses for Holiday Cards

    Be prepared for this year's holiday season and start your search to find any missing mailing addresses with PeopleSmart. Enjoy the holidays and be prepared ahead of time.
  • Look up a Cell Phone Number

    We can help you with unknown phone numbers that call your cell phone. Simply perform a Reverse Phone search and identify those missed calls quickly.
  • Make Sure You Can Trust Someone

    Increase your comfort level by looking into someone's criminal record. We give you the ability to dive deeper into someone's background check to access their court records.
  • Look up What Information is Available about You

    Perform a self-background check to determine what information about you is available to the public. Be due diligent and find out what's out there about you with our search tools.
  • Find Business Contacts and Sales Leads

    With our professional listings, it's easy to gather business contacts and sales leads to help stay competitive in your market. Find out someone's professional contact information, such as title, company, business email and phone number.
  • Obtain Records from the Court House

    Avoid the hassle of obtaining court records in person. Allow us to perform the search on your behalf. Your request will be sent to our court runners, who will do all the work for you!
  • Research a Property

    Look up a property by searching with our Reverse Address search. You can find out historical information, as well as determine the neighbors around the property.
  • Look up a Phone Number

    Our search tools empower you with the ability to look up a phone number online for free. No more unknown phone numbers on your phone bill. Start your search now!
  • Learn More about an Online Date

    With the increasing popularity of online dating, it's even more important to do your due diligence and look up a potential date before meeting them. Our search tools enable you to perform a background search and even look into their criminal records.
  • Look up Your Roommate's Criminal Record

    Equip yourself by looking up a roommate's criminal past. Our search tools enable you to search someone's background and help you be prepared.
  • Get an Automated Criminal Record Alert

    Find out when someone you know gets a criminal record. Sign up for our automated criminal alert and stay on top of your friends and family!
  • Find Someone's Social Networks

    Use our search tools to find out if someone you know belongs to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or other social networks. Check out our Reverse Email search feature and be a part of your friends' online social lives!
  • Look up Who Called Your Phone

    Put a stop to those telemarketer and prank calls today! Use our Reverse Phone search to find out who is calling you, see if there are any existing complaints against them, and place your own complaint.
  • Reverse Email Address Lookup

    Do you ever see a suspicious email in your inbox and wonder who it belongs to? Reverse Email search enables you to put a name to an email.
  • Online Background Check: Lookup a Person's Record

    Completing online background checks is much easier when you use the right company to do the job. A reputable company offers a wealth of databases featuring criminal, court and vital records that help you verify information and research a person’s background.
  • Find Evasive Property Owners

    There may be numerous reasons to find a property owner today. Perhaps you have kept your eye on a house for some time, either for investment purposes or personal interest.
  • Recruit In Demand Professionals

    Finding qualified professionals can be a difficult task for recruiters and human resource managers today. Many professions, including those in the technical and manufacturing fields, are having difficulty staffing qualified professionals into all their available positions.
  • How To Collect Debt

    There are few things more frustrating in life – or more devastating to a small business – than unpaid debt. There may be many reasons why a customer, employer or contractor suddenly cannot pay the bills, but that is hardly of concern to the one who is waiting for the check.
  • Prepare Legal Documents With Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers

    There are many legal documents that require updated contact information on the persons involved in the legal transaction: wills, bills of sale and powers of attorney are just a few. Whether you are involved with legal document preparation as a profession or for personal reasons, finding correct contact information is essential.
  • How To Check A Criminal Record

    Completing online background checks is much easier when you use the right company to do the job. A reputable company offers a wealth of databases featuring criminal, court and vital records that help you verify information and research a person's background.
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