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Administrative Office of the Courts
Judicial Information Division
2905 Rodeo Park Dr East, Bldg #5
Santa Fe, NM 87505
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New Mexico Court Record Availability

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New Mexico’s judicial branch has three levels of courts: local magistrate/metropolitan/probate/municipal courts, 13 district/circuit courts, and the Court of Appeals/Supreme Court.  Generally the local courts handle traffic, minor civil, and misdemeanors cases, while the district and circuit courts have jury trials for felonies and major civil cases. Court records are the responsibility of the Administrative Office of the Courts, with historical records prior to 1912 archived at the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives.

Retrieving Records


Years Available

Criminal and civil case files are archived permanently.  Records from 1912-present are stored at each individual court, and copies can be requested of the Clerk of Court.  Records from June 1997 (1991 for DWI convictions) are available online in the Case Lookup system on the New Mexico Courts website, excluding private information and sealed cases. For the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, civil/criminal case summaries and current/prior year opinions are also available online.

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Online Case Lookup on the New Mexico Courts website is free.  The Clerk of each Court will provide case record copies at a nominal fee.

Online Case Lookup is updated daily with historical records from June 1997.  Court records prior to June 1997 are available only at the court of record.

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