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Alabama Bureau of Investigation
Identification Unit - Record Checks
PO Box 1511
Montgomery, AL 36102-1511
  • P: 334-353-4340
  • F: 
  • Hours: 8AM-5PM

Access to Alabama Criminal Records

Records Available:
Alabama criminal records are housed at ACJIC (Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center). Alabama only allows citizens to review personal criminal records. Law enforcement agencies with a criminal justice purpose and certain employers are the only exceptions. Your criminal record will include arrests, dispositions, indictments, convictions, sentences and releases associated with your fingerprints.

Retrieving Records


Years Available

Criminal records for the state are housed by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). Individuals may retrieve their own records by mail using the ACJIC's request form and must include a set of fingerprints with the request. According to Alabama law, only the individual in question, law enforcement agencies, and some employers may request criminal records. The Alabama Department of Public Safety maintains a registry of sex offenders that can be accessed by the public.

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The cost of retrieving criminal records from the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center is $25. Payment may be made by check or money order only, payable to the State of Alabama.

According to personnel at the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, criminal records are available from the ACJIC covering the lifetime of the individual.

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