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State Police
Central Repository -164
1800 Elmerton Ave
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758
  • P: 717-783-5494
  • F: 717-772-3681
  • Hours: 8:15AM-4:15PM

Access to Pennsylvania Criminal Records

Records Available:
Pennsylvania criminal records are considered public and are available upon request. Individuals may request their own criminal record or those of a third party. Employers, landlords, licensers and other state agencies may also request criminal records checks on third parties. Criminal records include all arrests that resulted in convictions in Pennsylvania.

Retrieving Records


Years Available

Any member of the public, agency, or licenser may request criminal records using the Pennsylvania State Police web-based computer application, Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH). Both registered and non-registered users can order criminal history checks through PATCH. Alternatively, requests for criminal records may be submitted using the department’s request form, SP4-164. Completed request forms should be mailed to the Pennsylvania State Police, Central Repository. Information included in a state background check includes only the data available in the Pennsylvania Central Repository.

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A criminal record check costs $10. This fee is payable by money order when submitted with a written request form. PATCH users may pay the $10 fee online. Registered users have the option to be billed monthly.

The Pennsylvania State Police maintains criminal records during the record subject’s lifetime. Questions regarding historical criminal records should be addressed to the Central Repository.

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