How We're Different

PeopleSmart is changing the face of the people search industry through privacy innovation, honest marketing, and superb product quality. Here are some of the important ways we're different from the competition:

PeopleSmart vs Other Sites
Free and easy opt-out online.
Full opt-out generally not available.

The competition makes this as tough as possible. Users have to jump through hoops like faxing in their driver's license and wait over a month.

Some don't fully remove personal information, even when requested.

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Protects sensitive information.

Finding a long-lost relative or friend is one thing, but getting their credit score, income, SSN, political affiliation, religion, etc. is not what we believe people search is about. We've taken great care to protect people in our database and not reveal the kind of stuff that ought to stay private.

Often provide sensitive personal data.

Some of the competition reveal income/wealth estimates, relationship status, ethnicity, religion, and other sensitive personal information.

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Honest marketing.

We engage in honest and ethical marketing. We model our practices after those recommended by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and our merchant providers.

For 6 or 12 month memberships, we send email notice 30 days before the auto-renewal date. That email includes instructions on how to cancel the membership if you so choose.

To cancel online, go to "My Subscriptions" in the "My Account" section. You can also email or call (888) 813-0008 to cancel.

Aggressive and deceptive marketing.

Some companies engage in shady "post-transaction marketing" or pass your credit card number to third parties. In late 2009, many people search companies were subject to Senate Investigation for such practices. Read more.

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Access to non-digitized records.

You get instant access to a network of court-runners. They physically retrieve the records - you don't have to leave your chair!

Turnaround is only 38 hours average costing just $19.95 per county search. That includes courthouse fees!

No similar service.

Many public records haven't made it from the county courthouse to the Internet yet. You'd have to fill up the gas tank and retrieve the records yourself.

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Email addresses kept private.

We do not show full email addresses. Through our proprietary email service, users relay a message to a recipient. The recipient can choose to reply, ignore, or block future messages.

Expose full email information.

Spammers can "scrape" email addresses or send unsolicited email.

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Cell phone numbers kept private.

You can’t search a name to retrieve a cell phone number. But if you're curious about that missed call, you can go the other way around.

Often reveal cell phone numbers.

Despite phone providers, state legislatures, and consumers expressing their aversion to the policy, some websites openly reveal cell phone numbers.

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Accepts Paypal.
Most do not.
Live, free customer service.

Live support 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Toll free: (888) 813-0008

Contact us via email.

Snail Mail:
P.O. Box 391146, Omaha, NE 68139

Hope you like elevator music.
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We are affordable.

Reports cost up to 50% less than most competitors. Our 1-year membership is just $2.95/month.

Equivalent reports are higher-priced.
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Free trials.

Membership comes with a 7-day free trial and even includes free credits.

We do require that you enter a valid credit card in order to enroll in the free trial, which helps ensure you're really serious about becoming a member. If you're happy with what you see, do nothing. If you wish to cancel, just click on "My Subscriptions" in the "My Account" area (or you can contact us and one of our friendly staff members will assist you).

No free trials.
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Confidential Searches.

We don’t publish searches or notify people that you are looking for them.

Some send alerts to searched people.
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Refunds when no results found.

When it comes to contact information and public records, there are literally billions of pieces of information involved (aggregated from hundreds of different data sources). Errors, out-of-date information, and "not found" lookups happen. In other words, we definitely aren't perfect… and we don't pretend to be.

That's why we offer refunds if your search doesn't turn up information for your search. If you look up a phone number and we can't find the name, for example, you can either retain the credits for another search — or you can automatically get a refund (online or by contacting us). All sales final after 60 days.

No refunds most of the time.
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Partner with industry leaders.

We partner with industry-leading identity management companies like Reputation Defender so you can easily remove your information from dozens of databases at once.

We believe that users should be in control of their personal data and will continue to pursue industry initiatives that support this goal.

Usually no such services provided.
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Accurate and up-to-date data.

We go farther than any other people search site to ensure the high quality of our search results. We diligently maintain our databases and use proprietary technology to ensure that you get the best results available.

Unreliable or misrepresented data.
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Filter data about vulnerable people.

An entire department of privacy specialists proactively remove celebrities, public figures, and potentially vulnerable individuals from our databases.

No similar programs.
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Fun, easy and useful design.

Our aesthetically clean and info-rich interface makes the people searching experience as intuitive as possible.

You be the judge.
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