Albert Smith Phone Numbers, Addresses & Email

NameAgeMost Recent AddressPhonePublic Records
Albert Smith95Philadelphia, PA 19111-3131
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215-437-xxxx That's one
Albert L SmithFort Walton Beach, FL 32549
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  That's one
Albert Glenn Smith80Fort Worth, TX 76116-8937
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817-731-xxxx That's one
Albert Martin Smith41Swansboro, NC 28584-1473
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910-326-xxxx That's one
Albert Chimny Smith19Greensboro, NC 27407-6405
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910-547-xxxx That's one
Albert SmithHuntsville, TX 77320-7360
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936-439-xxxx That's one
Albert SmithAiken, SC 29801
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  That's one
Albert E SmithFrancesville, IN 47946-0002
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  That's one
Albert B SmithLutherville Timonium, MD 21093-2778
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410-252-xxxx That's one
Albert J SmithSault Sainte Marie, MI 49783-9801
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  That's one
Albert T Smith67Bloomfield, CT 06002-1153
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860-243-xxxx That's one
Albert W SmithPittsburgh, PA 15216-3157
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724-276-xxxx That's one
Albert E SmithWarsaw, VA 22572-9801
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  That's one
Albert C SmithOakley, CA 94561-2506
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925-625-xxxx That's one
Albert T SmithBrunswick, ME 04011-0525
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  That's one
Albert Gervase Smith52Gatesville, TX 76528-1138
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254-232-xxxx That's one
Albert L Smith86Clearwater, FL 33764-5045
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727-581-xxxx That's one
Albert J Smith93Birmingham, AL 35235-1127
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205-833-xxxx That's one

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Search Albert Smith Companies
Company NameCompany AddressCompany PhoneEmail Address
Hobart Corporation401 Funston Rd
Kansas City, KS 66115-1213
Red River Computer Co., Inc.12007 Sunrise Valley Dr Ste 200
Reston, VA 20191-3446
703-476-xxx a****
Killian & Co Advertising322 S Green St Ste 510
Chicago, IL 60607-3579
312-836-xxx a***
Security Airport Parking Inc4405 E Roosevelt Rd
Little Rock, AR 72206-2523
501-372-xxx a****
International Business Machines Corporation (Ibm)111 Campus Dr
Princeton, NJ 08540-6400
609-436-xxx a****

Top States: with Albert Smith

  • Florida2,780
  • California2,649
  • Texas2,647
  • North Carolina1,545
  • New York1,432
  • Georgia1,336
  • Pennsylvania1,101
  • Michigan1,036
  • Illinois1,011
  • Mississippi945

Top Cities: with Albert Smith

  • Chicago103
  • Fayetteville40
  • Philadelphia38
  • Detroit55
  • Jacksonville54
  • Kansas City44
  • New Orleans42
  • San Diego42
  • Jackson40


Interesting Facts about Albert Smith

A recent poll documented that 6715 Albert Smiths are living within the 50 American states. Florida contains the biggest number of Albert Smiths coming in at a total of 2780. The 1281 highest ranking name in America is Albert Smith. There are 17 Albert Smiths for each 10,000 square miles. The name Albert Smith has a total of 640 email addresses and 3145 phone numbers. 68 is commonly the lifespan of adults named Albert. Smiths attain a common lifespan of 64 years.

Albert Smith Aliases & Nicknames

  • Adalbert
  • Adelbert
  • Al
  • Alberto
  • Alpertti
  • Alberto
  • Adalberto
  • ÆÐelbert
  • Alberte
  • Albrecht
  • Altti


Find Albert Smith Death Records

BornDiedAgeLast Known Residence

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Find Albert Smith Vital Records

Birth Records 39,566
Death Records 8,221
Marriage Records 1,997
Divorce Records 368
Military Records 1,756
Census Records 200
Cemetery Records 26

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