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    Most Common Male Name:  Quinn

    Quinn is a popular name for both boys and girls. It is currently more popular for boys than girls, but it is gaining ground rapidly as a favorite girl’s name. The name means “wisdom” or “chief” in Irish, formerly known as Gaelic. “Quinn the Eskimo”, also known as “The Mighty Quinn”, is a folk-rock song by American musician Bob Dylan. Famous Quinns include Quinn Norton, American blogger, journalist, and photographer; Quinn Fabray, a character on the American TV show Glee; and Quinn James, a character on the American TV show One Tree Hill.

    Most Common Female Name:  Quinn

    Quinn is a popular name for both boys and girls, more so for boys than girls. It comes from a last name found in English-speaking countries. Though it comes from “Ó Cuinn”, meaning “descendants of Conn,” it appeared independently in different families. Quinn, SD, has a population of 54, while Quinn, Michigan, was dissolved as a town and taken over by Clinton Township near Detroit. Famous Quinns include Quinn Martin, an extraordinarily successful television producer; Quinn Allman, a member of The Used, a rock group; and Quinn Mallory, a character on the TV show Sliders.

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