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    Most Common Male Name:  Uriel

    Uriel is Hebrew for “God is my light”. He is also the fourth angel in the Bible, though that varies by religious tradition. Names beginning with U are very uncommon, and Uriel is no exception. It did not even appear in the top 1000 US names until 1985, and it has not rarely even gotten into the top 400. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote a poem entitled Uriel. The urial is a kind of Asian wild with curling horns up to 39 inches long. An English psychedelic blues band was named Uriel before changing its name to Egg.

    Most Common Female Name:  Unique

    Unique is another name that means itself—that is, “only one”. It comes from the Latin word unicus. Names beginning with U are not numbered among the favorites, and Unique is no exception. It made its appearance in the top 1000 US names in 1995 and has still not made its way to the top 700. It is said that the name is found in English-speaking countries, but other sources find the name only in the US. In numerology, numbers are assigned to each letter of the alphabet and added up to find the “destiny number” of a name. The destiny number of Unique is 6.

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