Privacy Center

PeopleSmart is transforming the people search industry through its unique search technology, easy-to-use interface, and commitment to innovation. Exciting stuff, yes, but nothing is as important to us as our unprecedented privacy protections. In short, providing you with a privacy-friendly people search engine is our #1 priority.

Here's how we do it:

  • PeopleSmart offers a simple online method to opt-out of our search databases or manage how you want your record shown.
  • PeopleSmart will not provide sensitive personal information, like religion, income, credit scores/reports, ethnicity, and so on
  • PeopleSmart's proprietary email search technology relays emails found through a search without revealing the recipient's full email address
  • PeopleSmart searches are 100% confidential. We will never notify an individual of your search for them
  • PeopleSmart is partnered with the internet's top online reputation management company,
  • PeopleSmart has a team dedicated to proactively removing contact information about celebrities, public figures, and other potentially vulnerable individuals
  • PeopleSmart does not engage in the shady post-transaction marketing that's marred the people search industry (sharing your credit card information with unknown 3rd party companies)
  • PeopleSmart does not provide cell phone numbers for name searches

We look forward to adding new privacy controls and identity management innovations in the future. If you have any feedback, ideas, or questions about our privacy practices, please Contact Us. Thanks!

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