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A broad range of consumers and professionals use PeopleSmart. Here are some of the ways our customers use the site:

  • Parents making sure their kids are safe
  • Singles curious about the people they meet
  • Old friends, roommates, and classmates trying to reconnect
  • Those organized types that like to update their address books
  • Genealogists who want to cultivate their family tree
  • Businesses that need to update contact information for customers
  • Everyone, since it's fascinating to know what's out there about you online
  • Military buddies looking to get in touch and catch up on old times
  • Lawyers and legal professionals who need quick access to court records
  • Folks curious about who's emailing them
  • Those too busy (basically, you and everyone you know) to retrieve paper records from courts
  • The legally embroiled, looking for up-to-date records on lawsuits, liens, and judgments
  • Those among us (me! me!) that forget our friends' and relatives' birthdays
  • Individuals who need legal record data for passports, divorces, etc.
  • Plugged-in social networkers looking to expand their online community
  • Students, even though they generally think they already know everything
  • Medical professionals reading up on colleagues and conferences
  • Estranged or just out-of-touch family members ready to reconnect
  • Religious communities that want to expand
  • Learning about an individual's business ownership over the years
  • Online shoppers verifying Craigslist or eBay sellers
  • Hollywood types checking up on their latest discovery
  • Investigative journalists on the prowl for detail
  • Sales professionals looking for new prospects
  • Networkers seeking bigger business opportunities
  • Law enforcement
  • Non-profit organizations on the hunt for support
  • Brides-to-be (and their family members!)
  • Grooms-to-be (and their just as curious family members!)
  • Social workers who need to know more about their clients in need
  • Heartsick lost lovers, looking to mend fences
  • People sick of getting harassing phone calls
  • Alumni groups trying to pin-down the diaspora for reunions and fundraising
  • Adopted kids seeking to learn about their biological history
  • Airlines trying to return lost luggage
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