About Our Cookies

About Our Cookies

About Our Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your browser by a website to uniquely identify you as a visitor. We use cookies to track how you use our site and to make our site work better, to learn how you find our site and where you go when you leave, and to understand whether and how PeopleSmart ads drive users to our site.

When you visit PeopleSmart.com, two types of cookies will be stored on your browser:

  • First-party cookies, which PeopleSmart places on your browser to help us ensure functionality, site performance, analytics, and optimization. We don’t use these cookies for advertising or for tracking purposes.
  • Third-party cookies, which our service providers place in your browser to provide us with a variety of services, that may include advertising, analytics, and tracking.

To promote transparency and help you make an informed decision about your privacy, we list the third-party advertising cookies and/or third-party analytics and tracking services on our site. We also provide links to the privacy policies and to the opt-out choices (where applicable) provided by these third parties.

Third-Party Advertising Cookies

  • Bing and Bing Ads: Bing provides a search engine and ad network owned by Microsoft. Visit the Microsoft Choice page to learn about their cookies and ads, as well as how to opt out of interest-based advertising.
  • Doubleclick: Learn about the use of the Doubleclick cookie, which is owned by Google, on Google’s Ads Settings page, which also explains how to opt out.
  • Facebook Exchange and Facebook Custom Audience: Change your preferences or opt-out of advertisements from Facebook Custom Audience from within your Facebook account.
  • Google Adwords: Control or opt out of ads delivered based on your Google account from the Google Ads Settings page.
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing: Set your preferences for or opt out of remarketing ads from the Google Ads Settings page.
  • Google Tag Manager: We use Google Tag Manager to manage various tags and integrate with Google’s analytics and ad services. Review the Google Ads Settings page to control or opt out of the ads delivered based on your Google account.
  • OpenX: Read the OpenX Privacy Policy, which has information about opting-out.
  • Twitter Advertising: Read Twitter’s FAQs about their tailored ads and your privacy controls, which explain how to turn off tailored ads through your Twitter settings.
  • Yahoo Analytics and Yahoo Advertising: Adjust your preferences or opt out through Yahoo’s Ad Interest manager.

Third-Party Data Analytics Cookies

We use Google Analytics, New Relic, KissInsights analytics cookies to understand how users interact with our site, in order to optimize and improve our services. You can read the Google Privacy Policy and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on if you would like to opt out. To learn more about New Relic, read the New Relic Privacy Policy. KissInsights is now owned by Qualaroo, and you can read the Qualaroo Privacy Policy.

Social Widgets and Plugins

We use social media integrations, widgets, and plugins so that you can share information from our site on other social media platforms. These may include integrations with the Google+ Platform, Facebook Connect and Facebook Social Plugins, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. These tools may use their own cookies and analytics. Your interactions with these widgets are governed by the privacy policies of those companies, not by our site’s privacy policy. We may also use pixel tags from these companies to better analyze our marketing efficacy on their sites.

Other Seals And Certificates

Our site has been certified by a number of organizations for our compliance with various privacy, security, and business standards. The seals that we include for these certifications sometimes use “weak eTags,” which can show up if you are using an ad-tracking and/or ad-blocking software. These tags are not being used for our tracking purposes, but are needed for the functionality of these seals. Seals with such functionality come from various organizations, such as TRUSTe and the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org).

Non-Advertising Third-party Cookies And First-Party Cookies

Our site may also use other third-party cookies that are not used for advertising but are used to ensure site functionality or for other purposes, such as fighting abuse on our site. We also use our own first-party cookies to ensure functionality, site performance, analytics, and optimization. These cookies are not used for third-party advertising or third-party tracking.

Comprehensiveness And Updates To This Page

We do our best to audit and monitor the removal or additions of any third-party cookies or trackers and will update this page accordingly. However, we cannot guarantee that this page will always be fully comprehensive. Sometimes third-party integrations may add cookies and tracking mechanisms that we learn about after they’ve been added. If you find a third-party cookie or third-party tracker that you believe is not listed here, please contact us at privacy@peoplesmart.com.

Last Modified: March 23, 2016