Alaska Background Checks

Alaska background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Alaska Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification Bureau
5700 East Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 269-5511

The state of Alaska allows any individual to conduct an Alaska background check for screening of applicants for the care of children or dependents. This information is provided through the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification Bureau. Records are available to eligible individuals by using the procedures outlined on the Department of Public Safety website.

The agency recommends that interested parties conduct background checks in Alaska using fingerprint identification, although the agency will also perform background checks on name searches. Criminal background checks based on name searches run the risk of missing essential information filed under aliases or different last names. Fingerprint searches are considered much more accurate, although they do incur additional expense in obtaining fingerprints and conducting a more extensive search.

Steps for Retriving an Alaska Background Check

Step 1

Request a “client number” from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification Bureau. This number is issued to businesses and licensing agencies that frequently request an Alaska criminal background checks from the agency.

Step 2

To apply for a client number, businesses must provide their name, address, purpose of the request and state or federal statute authorizing your request. Requests may be submitted to the address listed above.

Step 3

Submit a request for a background check, including the person’s name, personal information and/or fingerprints. A signature of the person authorizing the Alaska background check is also required. Forms for the process can be found on the website for the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

Step 4

Include the fee for the background check along with the submission form. Alaska background checks cost $20 for a name-based check and $35 for a fingerprint check. National background checks with fingerprints are $54.25.

Step 5

Once you receive your information, you may determine whether to hire the individual based on the Alaska background check. To help with that choice, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Programs has published a list of guidelines on how to use Alaska criminal background checks for hiring purposes.

Alaska Background Check Special Notes

Requests for Alaska background checks can be submitted both by mail or fax and must include the signature of the person who will be researched. Copies of the criminal background history can also be ordered for $5 each, but the request for copies must be made at the time the original request is submitted.

Record request form

Those who are interested in conducting criminal background checks in Alaska will need to begin the process by applying for a client number. The submission must be made on company letterhead and submitted to the address listed above. Once approved, forms for individual background checks can be found at the Alaska Department of Public Safety website.

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