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Alabama Background Checks

Alabama background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Alabama Background Check System
201 South Union Street, Suite 300
Montgomery, AL 36130
(866) 740-4762

Background checks in Alabama are completed through the Alabama Background Check System. This system is available on the Internet through its own website, and it provides a variety of information about individuals who lived in the state, including personal data like names, addresses and the last four digits of the social security number. The Alabama background check also includes arrest records for the state, as well as a history of court appearances.

Records are compiled by a collection of law enforcement agency records and Alabama court records. Information might include both felony and misdemeanor arrests, convictions, and court cases – both currently pending and for the past seven years. Background checks in Alabama do not include civil or divorce cases, search warrants or driving records.

Steps for Retriving an Alabama Background Check

Step 1

Determine whether your business qualifies to subscribe to the Alabama Background Check System. A questionnaire is posted on the website to help businesses determine whether they are eligible for the system, based on whether background checks would be conducted on their own employees and the type of business requiring background checks.

Step 2

Obtain a signed Alabama Background Check System Criminal History Record report waiver from the individual on whom you will be conducting a background check.

Step 3

Provide a full name on the person you wish to research, including first, middle and last names when available. The person’s sex and race are also required to complete the Alabama criminal background check.

Step 4

Collect additional information from the individual, including at least two of the following three facts: a date of birth, social security number or Alabama driver’s license number. The more information you are able to provide, the more accurate your Alabama background check will be.

Step 5

Submit all information to the Alabama Background Check System, along with a background check fee of $25. This fee is in addition to the annual subscription rate of $75, which allows you to access the database.

Alabama Background Check Special Notes

Alabama background checks completed through the Alabama Background Check System can only be conducted by businesses on employees of the company. Those wishing to perform a personal criminal history must submit their request through the website of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information (ACJI), clicking on the “citizens” link to initiate the search. This allows you to conduct a criminal background check in Alabama on your own records.

The database for the Alabama Background Check System offers the most complete criminal records for the state, ensuring employers are likely to get the information they require on employees working for their business. Transactions in the system are monitored by the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center.

Record request form

To begin an Alabama criminal background check, you must first subscribe to the Alabama Background Check System by logging onto the agency’s website at the subscription page. Once the subscription is approved, businesses can begin requesting specific background checks on individuals by providing the information listed above.