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Arkansas Background Checks

Arkansas background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Official State of Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209
(501) 618-8500

Information about criminal background checks in the state of Arkansas is just a click away, thanks to the Official State of Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System. This online system allows authorized individuals to retrieve criminal histories on prospective employees and others who require such clearance to work in particular positions on a salaried, part-time or volunteer basis. The online criminal background check system is provided by the Arkansas State Police, in accordance with the laws of the state.

Arkansas background checks offer a wealth of information, including misdemeanor and felony arrests and convictions over the past three years. The system also lets interested parties know whether the individual is on the registered sex offender list. This information is essential to schools and other employers who hire adults to work with children. The system also allows an individual to check his own criminal history to monitor for the completeness and accuracy of the records.

Steps for Retriving an Arkansas Background Check

Step 1

Determine which category your entity falls into to see whether you are authorized to pursue an Arkansas criminal background check on an individual. The first category includes those who are authorized to perform the background check based on signed permission by the individual being researched. The second category is an entity that is allowed to perform fingerprint-based background checks under state or federal law.

Step 2

Complete the necessary search information to initiate the background check. The form can be accessed online, by clicking the “Search” tab after registering to enter the online criminal background check system.

Step 3

Confirm all the information you entered is correct on the following screen before authorizing the search to continue. Inaccurate information, spelling errors and other mistakes can nullify the search completely.

Step 4

If no criminal history is found on the individual, that message will be sent right away. If there is a criminal history, the website will allow you to print the results at that time.

Step 5

When performing a fingerprint-based background check, you will need to submit the fingerprint cards to the proper agency before the search can commence. There is also an additional charge for a fingerprint check that must be submitted at the time the request is made.

Arkansas Background Check Special Notes

The Official State of Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System is much more accurate than Arkansas background checks compiled by private companies, because the records in this file come directly from the Arkansas State Police. The searches are based on fingerprints linked to name queries; ensuring files will be more complete than searches conducted on either one or the other. The cost is $22 per Arkansas State request or $11 for searches on volunteers.

Record request form

The forms to conduct an Arkansas background check can all be located at the website for the Official State of Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System, where special instructions for schools and volunteers are also located.