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Arizona Background Checks

Arizona background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Arizona Department of Public Safety, Criminal History Records Section
2102 West Encanto Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
(602) 223-2222

The Department of Public Safety for the state of Arizona features a Criminal History Records Section that stores all the information needed for an Arizona criminal background check. All law enforcement agencies in the state are required to report arrests and other disposition information to this office, to ensure record keeping for Arizona background checks is as accurate and complete as possible.

Copies of these records may be requested by individuals interested in reviewing their own criminal histories or individuals or agencies that are authorized to request such information on potential employees. Those placing requests must first show their eligibility to receive such information before a formal request may be submitted to the office.

Steps for Retriving an Arizona Background Check

Step 1

Individuals and offices that wish to conduct background checks in Arizona must show they are eligible for receiving the information under ARS 41-1750(G) and Public Law 92-544. The specifics of these statutes are provided by a link on the website for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Step 2

If an agency or individual is submitting fingerprints to initiate an Arizona background check, the applicant is responsible for obtaining a fingerprint clearance card from the Applicant Clearance Card Team. The contact information for this office is included on the website for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Step 3

Individuals wishing to check their own personal criminal histories in the state of Arizona solely for the purpose of monitoring the records for accuracy and completeness, may do so by following the procedures listed on the website for the Arizona Department of Public Safety, under the Record Review Instructions Packet tab. This packet contains instructions for completion, a fingerprint card, a contact information sheet and a pre-addressed return envelope.

Step 4

Applicants wishing to receive a personal Arizona criminal background check must submit a full set of legible fingerprints to ensure accurate results. Fingerprint cards may not be bent or folded, or they will not be processed.

Step 5

Individuals requesting background checks in Arizona who are currently working with an attorney must have that attorney submit a notarized letter authorizing the attorney to review the information found in the background check. Once the request is received, a response will be mailed back within 15 days.

Arizona Background Check Special Notes

The Arizona Department of Public Safety serves as the Central State Repository for all criminal records in the state. This includes arrest and court records for both misdemeanor and felony offenses, but does not include clearance letters for adoption, immigration or visa purposes. An Arizona criminal background check is provided free of charge to individuals who want to check a personal criminal history for accuracy and completion. Those who need background checks for the purpose of employment will be required to submit fingerprints to initiate the process.

Record request form

Arizona background checks are completed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety, where forms for the various background requests can be found.