Delaware Background Checks

Delaware background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Delaware State Bureau of Investigation
65 Bay Road, Suite 1B
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 739-2134

Delaware background checks begin with the Delaware State Bureau of Investigation, the central repository for all the criminal records in the state. This office is responsible for maintaining those records and determining eligibility for individuals and agencies that are interested in conducting searches and obtaining information. The Delaware State Bureau of Investigation performs several functions in addition to providing background checks in Delaware, including maintenance of the state’s sex offender registry, fingerprint examinations and approval of firearms purchases.

Obtaining a Delaware criminal background check begins with a visit to this state office, whether in person or online. All the information you need to initiate a background check is provided on the website for the office, including the Authorization for Release of Information that must be completed by the person who is the subject of the background check. Forms can then either be mailed or returned to a Delaware State Bureau of Investigation office in person.

Steps for Retriving a Delaware Background Check

Step 1

Determine whether your agency is authorized to request a Delaware criminal background check from a new employee. Agencies included on this list are private investigative and security agencies, armored car companies, protective services agencies, and other agencies requiring special licensing of their employees.

Step 2

Have the individual who will be the subject of the Delaware background check complete the Authorization for Release of Information. This form does require the individual to indicate which type of licensure is required and provide personal information to make the search as accurate as possible.

Step 3

Include fingerprints with the search. The Delaware State Bureau of Investigation will only conduct criminal history searches with fingerprints, which may be obtained at any of the SBI offices in the state. Some offices do require an appointment to complete fingerprinting, while others take individuals on a walk-in basis. The fingerprint card can also be provided by SBI, for a $10 fee.

Step 4

Include the fee for the criminal background check, which is currently $69. This fee covers both state and federal fingerprint checks.

Step 5

Wait for your results. In most cases, a Delaware criminal background check takes approximately four weeks to process and return.

Delaware Background Check Special Notes

A Delaware background check is typically conducted for licensing reasons. Those who require the background check must identify which type of licensing they are applying for. Agencies requiring licensing must be approved by the state as well. Those applying for licensure must be at least 21 years old and must not have any felony or misdemeanor arrests pertaining to drug use, theft or moral turpitude. Applicants must not have been convicted of an Assault III offense within the last three years.

Record request form

All of the forms necessary to complete licensure, including the Authorization for Release of Information required for background checks in Delaware are available through the website for the Delaware State Bureau of Investigation.

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