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Georgia Background Checks

Georgia background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Georgia Felon Search at Georgia Technology Authority
47 Trinity Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30334
(404) 463-2300

The state of Georgia has made the search for background checks in Georgia must faster and easier with the introduction of the online Georgia Felon Search system. Under state law, these records are available for public access, and no written authorization from the subject of the search is required. The search is quick and relatively accurate, as long as your provide the correct information to begin your search. The service is available to both individuals and businesses interested in conducting Georgia background checks for any reason.

The Georgia Felon Search contains files on all felony arrests and convictions within the state. These records are available to all members of the general public, whether you are searching for a Georgia background check on yourself, an employee or volunteer for your business or organization, or any other person of interest. In order to receive additional information about arrests and convictions, you must contact the Georgia Crime Information Center for a more thorough Georgia criminal background check. These records cost a bit more and require a signature of the subject of the search in order to authorize the process. .

Steps for Retriving a Georgia Background Check

Step 1

Collect the data on the individual you wish to research. The database requires a full name of the person, as well as his date of birth.

Step 2

Have a credit card handy before you begin your Georgia background check. The fee for criminal histories through the Georgia Felon Search is $15, payable by credit card at the time the search is initiated.

Step 3

Read the terms and conditions carefully for using the website. You will need to acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms before you are allowed to continue with your Georgia background check.

Step 4

Input your data about the individual you are interested in researching. The more information you can provide, the more accurate your search will be. In addition to the person’s name and date of birth, there is also room to enter identifying information like the person’s social security number, sex, race and MNU – or miscellaneous identifying number like an armed forces serial number or passport number.

Step 5

If you wish to obtain Georgia background checks for the purpose of hiring or licensing, the process is completed through the Georgia Applicant Processing Service. Fingerprinting services for these background checks in Georgia can be performed at multiple locations statewide.

Georgia Background Check Special Notes

The process for acquiring Georgia background checks is somewhat more complex than in other states. While a basic check using the Georgia Felon Search is relatively fast and easy, those who wish to obtain more comprehensive histories will need to explore their options through other offices within the state. For example, the Georgia Crime Information Center offers complete arrest and conviction histories, but requires a signature of the subject to authorize such a search. Searches for the purpose of hiring or licensing, which often require fingerprints, are conducted through the Georgia Applicant Processing Service.

Record request form

To initiate a Georgia criminal background check, simply click on the website for the Georgia Felon Search and enter the information about your research subject when prompted. These results are nearly simultaneous, and offer good introductory information about felony arrests and convictions.