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Hawaii Background Checks

Hawaii background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

The Criminal Justice Data Center is the central repository for all Hawaii background checks. This office provides a wealth of options in obtaining a criminal history, depending on the type of information you have to submit and the information you wish to receive. From fingerprint searches to online systems that provide arrest histories based on basic personal information, the state of Hawaii makes it easy to find information on parties of interest for a wealth of reasons.

The state defines a Hawaii background check as a search of a criminal history on an individual based on the person’s name and/or fingerprints. These files contain arrest records which have resulted in convictions, since this information is a matter of public record in the state of Hawaii. The online system allows you to search for background checks in Hawaii with just a name and date of birth, and does not require signature authorization from the subject to do so.

Steps for Retriving a Hawaii Background Check

Step 1

Provide your personal information in order to set up an account with the online service. The state wants to know who is requesting a Hawaii criminal background check, so the service asks for email and contact information before a search can begin.

Step 2

Enter information on the person you wish to search. Remember the more information you can provide, the more accurate your search will be. At minimum, you must provide a full name and date of birth. If you can add a social security number, gender or race, the background information will be that much more precise.

Step 3

Pay your fee for using the service. Currently the fee for background checks through the online system is $15. This is a reduced rate over the $20 fee for fingerprint searches or those conducted by a staff member from the Criminal Justice Data Center.

Step 4

Wait for your results. Results are delivered electronically and are usually sent right away. If necessary, you can also ordered a certified copy of your results for your records.

Step 5

If you are unable to conduct your background check online, you can also visit one of the public access sites available throughout the islands. These locations include the police departments found on each island.

Hawaii Background Check Special Notes

The state allows any member of the general public to conduct background checks in Hawaii on individuals of interest. Information available to the public includes arrests with convictions or dismissals based on physical or mental disease, disorder or defect. All arrest records without convictions are considered pending and are not a matter of public record at the time. This information is only provided to authorized entities, including criminal justice agencies and other agencies authorized under Hawaiian law.

Record request form

The fastest and easiest way to conduct a Hawaii background check is to access the Adult Criminal Information site at