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Idaho Background Checks

Idaho background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Bureau of Criminal Identification, Idaho State Police
700 S. Stratford Dr., Suite 120
Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 884-7130

All of the information you need to conduct background checks in Idaho is maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and can be found at the website for the Idaho State Police. This agency is the central administrator for all the state’s criminal records and provides a system for interested parties to gain access to arrest information for licensing, hiring or other purposes. The service is also available for those with personal inquiries, who wish to monitor their own criminal history in the state for completeness and accuracy.

The Idaho State Police offers two types of Idaho background checks; the fingerprint check, which is by far the most accurate, and a name check when fingerprints are not available. Background checks in Idaho do require a signed release from the subject, according to state law. Juvenile records are not a matter of public record, unless the juvenile was tried in adult court. Information included in an Idaho criminal background check consists of arrest data reported to the Bureau of Criminal Identification from local law enforcement agencies.

Steps for Retriving an Idaho Background Check

Step 1

Complete a Name-Based Criminal Background Check form to initiate a name search. This form includes a place to enter all of the personal information on the subject, including a full name, date of birth, address, race, sex and social security number. The more information you can provide, the more accurate your Idaho criminal background check will be.

Step 2

Complete the Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check form if you are initiating a name search. This form does not require as much personal information about the subject, since fingerprints will be submitted as well. Instructions on how to submit fingerprints are also included on this form.

Step 3

Provide payment information on both forms. The fee for either check is $10 and an additional processing fee will be assessed for those paying for Idaho background checks with debit or credit cards.

Step 4

Deliver your request to the bureau. The agency accepts either hand-delivered requests or those sent by U.S. mail.

Step 5

Wait for results. The agency does not specify how long it will take to receive results, but it does say background checks in Idaho are not accessible by telephone or fax.

Idaho Background Check Special Notes

Under Idaho law, criminal histories are a matter of public record, which means they are available to non-law enforcement agencies, non-criminal justice agencies and individuals. Background checks in Idaho are only conducted with the express authorization (signature) of the subject of the search. This signature must be included on request forms and the original must be received in person or by mail before a search can be initiated.

Record request form

For those interested in conducting an Idaho background check, the forms can be found at the website for the Idaho State Police. Name check forms and fingerprint forms can both be accessed at the same location.