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Illinois Background Checks

Illinois background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Illinois State Police
801 South Seventh Street
Springfield, IL 62703
(815) 740-5160

All of the criminal records for the state of Illinois are currently held by the Illinois State Police under state law. This agency serves as the primary administrator for these records, maintaining them and distributing the information to the general public as appropriate under state law. Legislation in Illinois in 1991, the Uniform Conviction Information Act, allows Illinois background checks to be made available to the general public. The Illinois State Police now has procedures established to make the process of retrieving background checks in Illinois as accurate and efficient as possible.

There are two ways to perform an Illinois criminal background check. The first is through a name-check, which can be conducted by ordering the appropriate request form from the Illinois State Police website. The agency warns that name-checks are not always the most accurate way to perform an Illinois background check, since many individuals might use aliases or maiden names that make it hard to ensure the information contained in the history is complete and accurate. The second way is to perform a fingerprint check, which is considered the most accurate way to get information on individuals who have been arrested in the state.

Steps for Retriving an Illinois Background Check

Step 1

Order the necessary forms from the website for the Illinois State Police. There is no charge to order forms, although there is a charge for the Illinois background checks. You can order forms for name and fingerprint searches on the same web page.

Step 2

Complete the forms for submission. Include as much information about your subject as possible if doing a name check, including a full name, possible aliases, date of birth, address, sex, race and social security number.

Step 3

If you are conducting a fingerprint check, your subject will need to have fingerprints taken. The state provides electronic fingerprinting for background checks in Illinois via Livescan technology.

Step 4

Submit the forms along with the required fee. The fee for a name request is currently $16, while a fingerprint requests costs $20. Only checks and money orders are acceptable methods of payment for Illinois background checks.

Step 5

Record the processing control number, which is located at the top right-hand corner of the request form. This is the number you use to track your request as it goes through the system.

Illinois Background Check Special Notes

The Uniform Conviction Information Act of 1991 states that members of the general public have access to Illinois background checks that involve arrests and convictions. According to state law, convictions are the only data that can be accessed by any individual. Other files, such as arrests where convictions are pending and juvenile records, are only available to appropriate agencies. Individuals are also allowed to check their own criminal histories at any time to ensure completeness and accuracy of the records.

Record request form

The process of obtaining an Illinois criminal background check begins with the ordering of the appropriate request forms, which can be found at the website for the Illinois State Police.