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Indiana Background Checks

Indiana background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Indiana State Police
100 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-8260

The Indiana State Police serves as the central repository for all criminal records recorded in the state. Because limited background checks in Indiana are available to any entity with a valid reason for performing the search, this office has made the retrieval of such records as easy as possible by instituting an online search system that provides information with a simple click of the mouse. While this is not a complete criminal history, an Indiana criminal background check conducted through this means will provide all felony and class A misdemeanor arrests in the state of Indiana.

The online system can be accessed by any individual or agency that requires the information for a reason authorized by the state, including licensing, employment and volunteer work. A signature from the subject to authorize the search is not required. All the information is retrievable online, so you can get the information you are looking for without ever leaving your home or office. Qualifying agencies that perform multiple background checks in Indiana may also subscribe to the website to receive a discounted price on criminal histories. The records in this database have been maintained from the 1930s to the present.

Steps for Retriving an Indiana Background Check

Step 1

Determine whether it would be worthwhile to subscribe to the site. If you plan to conduct multiple Indiana background checks, you will receive a reduced rate and a slightly expedited process by subscribing to the system.

Step 2

Answer basic questions at the beginning of the search that ask whether you are a subscriber, non-profit organization or have an IPO number. This information helps the service determine what the fee for your Indiana criminal background check will be and whether you are authorized to conduct such a search.

Step 3

Pay the appropriate fee. The fee is assessed whenever an Indiana background check is initiated, whether or not information is found on the individual. The regular fee for background checks in Indiana is $16.35, while subscribers are charged $15 and government agencies are charged $7.

Step 4

If you prefer to conduct your search by mail, download the Criminal History Information form from the Illinois State Police website. Like the online search, you will be required to list your reason for conducting the search, and submit the appropriate fee with your request.

Step 5

Wait to receive your Indiana background checks. Most results are sent electronically within 24 hours.

Indiana Background Check Special Notes

Indiana allows background checks to be conducted for legitimate purposes, such as licensing, employment, adoption, volunteer work or criminal investigation purposes. Those who are authorized to conduct such searches may use the state’s online service for faster results. The state also provides complete criminal histories for individuals who want to check their own personal histories for accuracy and completeness.

Record request form

The pursuit of an Indiana criminal history begins at the Indiana State Police website, where you can initiate an online search or access the request form to submit manually.