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Kansas Background Checks

Kansas background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
1620 SW Tyler
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-6518

Criminal histories in Kansas are currently held and administered by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, so this is the office to check out first for all background checks in Kansas. The state allows members of the general public limited access to criminal records, so the office has developed an online search system to make these types of Kansas background checks as fast and convenient as possible. All searches are initiated online, although paper copies of histories can be obtained from the agency as well.

According to state law, members of the general public can request background checks in Kansas that include arrests and convictions for felonies as well as type A and B misdemeanors, confinements in the Kansas Department of Corrections facilities and active diversions that are not yet completed. These records can be retrieved through name only checks or through name and fingerprint checks, which are generally considered to be more accurate.

Steps for Retriving a Kansas Background Check

Step 1

Identify yourself and determine what type of Kansas background check will best suit your needs. Options include a self-check, name checks on another individual or a fingerprint-based check that costs more time and money but is typically the most accurate.

Step 2

Provide payment for your Kansas criminal background check. The current fee for a criminal history in this state is $20, which includes both a transaction and processing fee. Fees are payable by credit card or an established account with Information Network Kansas.

Step 3

Submit information on the person you wish to search for. This includes a full name of the individual and date of birth, which is required for all searches. Optional information may also be included, such as an alternative name, sex, race, height, weight, place of birth and social security number. The more information you provide, the more accurate your search results will be.

Step 4

If you wish to conduct a fingerprint-based search, you will also need to submit fingerprint cards to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Cards can be printed from the agency’s website, and fingerprints must be processes by an appropriate law enforcement agency.

Step 5

Receive your results. You may either discover your subject has no record in Kansas, or that one or more individuals meet the criteria you submitted. If information is retrieved, it will be accessible electronically.

Kansas Background Check Special Notes

The state of Kansas allows the general public to receive a variety of information in a Kansas background check. However, these records will not include arrests that did not result in a court conviction, successfully completed diversions, expunged records or juvenile records. This information is only available to appropriate government and law enforcement agencies.

Record request form

The process of obtaining a Kansas background check is a relatively easy one that can be started online through the website for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.