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Kentucky Background Checks

Kentucky background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Kentucky Court of Justice
100 Millcreek Park
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 573-1682

Getting a Kentucky background check may begin at one of two state agencies. The Kentucky State Police offers documents to request background checks for a wide range of reasons, including employment, adoption and emigration. The various forms are all available online for easy download, and can be completed and submitted to the Kentucky State Police. A criminal background check can also be completed through the Kentucky Court of Justice, which now offers an electronic service for this purpose, the CourtNet Disposition System.

The criminal history database for the CourtNet Disposition System contains all of the misdemeanor and traffic cases for the state over the past five years. Felonies dating back to 1978 are also included in this file. These Kentucky background checks are available to appropriate nonprofit, government and licensing agencies. They are also available to individuals who want to perform a personal Kentucky criminal background check to ensure accuracy and completeness of the file.

Steps for Retriving a Kentucky Background Check

Step 1

Determine whether you are authorized to receive background checks in Kentucky. According to state law, this information is only available to authorized agencies and individuals who want to peruse their own personal criminal histories.

Step 2

Download the appropriate form. Submission forms for Kentucky background checks are based on the purpose for the request. For example, the Kentucky Police Department has forms available for those conducting background checks in Kentucky for the purpose of licensing, adoption, emigration, housing and child care. The courts also offer specific request forms, as well as a more general form that is available on the website for the Court of Justice.

Step 3

Complete the form, including as much information as possible to ensure the most accurate results. Forms ask for a full name on the individual, date of birth, social security number, aliases an address. The signature of the subject to authorize the Kentucky background check is also required.

Step 4

Submit the form to the appropriate agency. Forms retrieved from the Kentucky State Police can be returned to that office, while requests through the court can be submitted to the address listed above.

Step 5

Submit payment with your request. Fees for Kentucky background checks vary based on the entity making the request, and are payable by check or money order.

Kentucky Background Check Special Notes

The state of Kentucky is somewhat unusual in that more than one agency handles requests for background checks in Kentucky. The agency submitting this request must know the precise purpose for the background check to ensure the proper forms are submitted. This information is not available to the general public, although individuals may request a Kentucky background check on themselves to review the files for accuracy and completeness.

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The process for obtaining a Kentucky background check begins online with a visit to either the Kentucky State Police or the Court of Justice for the state.