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Massachusetts Background Checks

Massachusetts background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Steps for Retriving a Massachusetts Background Check

Step 1

Obtain the correct form requesting Massachusetts background checks. Employers, state agencies or other authorized entities may request multiple criminal histories at once. Individuals must fill out the public access form but may request multiple records as well.

Step 2

Complete the public access form as fully as possible, ensuring that as much identifying information is included, like social security number, full name and birth date.

Step 3

Mail the completed form with the fee to the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services.

Step 4

Records searches will be conducted in the order they were received, so wait times can vary but can take up to two weeks.

Step 5

Results will be mailed. Any dispute can be explored by the individual.

Massachusetts Background Check Special Notes

Massachusetts background checks will not share a person’s entire criminal history with any individual. However, convictions history can be shared if the person was convicted of a crime that brings a penalty of five years or more, or was convicted and sentenced to a prison term. Once this happens, an individual’s conviction history becomes public. Background checks in Massachusetts are prone to being incomplete or inaccurate because they are performed using a name-based search, which is more likely to include another person’s record. This is why there are steps in place to correct these mistakes.

Record request form

To obtain a Massachusetts background check, you can download the following form: Massachusetts Office of Public Safety Just fill it out and remit it to the address listed on the form to receive a criminal conviction report.