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Maine Background Checks

Maine background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Steps for Retriving a Maine Background Check

Step 1

If you are a member of Maine’s online criminal records database (InforMe), log into your account. If not, select the pay by credit card option to search without becoming a subscriber (most individuals will not be suscribers).

Step 2

Enter the full name and date of birth for the person whose Maine criminal background check you would like to access. Enter any known aliases as well.

Step 3

Check the spelling of any names you entered, as well as the date of birth, before placing your order because the fee is nonrefundable.

Step 4

Enter your billing information and choose how you wish to receive your Maine background check. You can choose to receive it via email or regular mail.

Step 5

Most requests are satisfied within a few hours. If you chose the email option, make sure that you check your bulk folder in case the email is viewed as spam. If you don’t receive your results right away, a manual search might have to be done, which could take up to three weeks.

Maine Background Check Special Notes

Maine background checks can be conducted by anyone, as Maine is not a closed records state. However, individuals should understand that a name check is not a guarantee that the criminal record returned is completely accurate or matches the person requested. A fingerprint search is the only method that is completely reliable, since people can share birthdates and names.

Record request form

Background checks in Maine are performed online, so individuals should visit the above referenced link to request criminal records.