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Missouri Background Checks

Missouri background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Missouri State Highway Patrol, CJIS Division.
1510 East Elm Street
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 526-6153

The Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) is overseen by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and is responsible for collecting and maintaining the state’s central repository of criminal records. CJIS also compiles arrest and incident reports and maintains crime statistics. The criminal records collected include arrests and detentions, formal criminal charges filed, indictments, and any subsequent dispositions. Background checks in Missouri can be conducted by anyone, as Missouri is an open records state.

Individuals wishing to obtain Missouri background checks can conduct a name-based search, which will return any associated open records. Name-based searches are less reliable because of aliases and misinformation possibly filed, but is still a useful and easy way to obtain a Missouri background check. Open records will reveal any convictions or guilty pleas, arrest records less than 30 days old, criminal charges filed by a prosecutor without a final disposition, and any suspended sentences occurring during a probation period. If a fingerprint search is performed, a complete Missouri criminal background check will be returned and will include closed records like any arrests made, regardless of whether charges were filed, any dismissals or acquittals, and sentence suspensions after a completed probationary period.

Steps for Retriving a Missouri Background Check

Step 1

To obtain a Missouri background check by mail, fill out the criminal record check form and mail it, along with the appropriate fee, to the address on the form. This is for a name-based search only.

Step 2

To obtain name-based or fingerprint Missouri background checks in person, visit the State Highway Patrol’s public access window and turn in either a completed criminal record check form or a completed fingerprint card. Results generally take less than an hour.

Step 3

Go online to MACHS through the State Highway Patrol website.

Step 4

Once online, create a free account.

Step 5

You must enter full name, date of birth or social security number to perform a name-based search. Results will appear online, and you can print them for your records.

Missouri Background Check Special Notes

Background checks in Missouri can be performed in person at the State Highway Patrol’s public access window, although only one Missouri criminal background check will be performed at a time. Also, an automated criminal records search database is offered to the public called MACHS and can be accessed through the main website. Requests can be mailed as well, although this method will take the longest to receive results. For a complete criminal history report, a fingerprint search can also be done, although this is usually utilized to check a personal criminal history report.

Record request form

In order to obtain a name-based criminal records search in Missouri, individuals should download the following form, fill it out, and remit it along with a fee for results: Missouri State Highway Patrol, Criminal Record Check Form.