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Mississippi Background Checks

Mississippi background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Mississippi State Department of Health
570 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, Mississippi 39216
(601) 364-1101

The Mississippi State Department of Health is the state agency responsible for maintaining criminal records. All non-criminal justice requests for background checks in Mississippi must begin with the Criminal History Record Check Division of the State Department of Health. However, Mississippi background checks are restricted to authorized individuals or businesses and cannot be conducted by the general public. Individuals may perform a personal Mississippi criminal background check to review the documents for accuracy, but may not request a Mississippi background check on another individual.

All background checks in Mississippi are fingerprint based. This method is the most reliable way to review a complete and accurate criminal history of an individual without the worry that someone else’s record will appear due to a similarity in name, for example. If a Mississippi criminal background check is requested, the person of record will receive notification that a criminal records check is being run against his fingerprints.

Steps for Retriving a Mississippi Background Check

Step 1

Authorized employers, entities and individuals should visit the State Department of Health’s website and obtain a FTS security certificate installed on the web browser.

Step 2

Once the security certificate is installed, click on “Fingerprint Transmission System” and set up an account.

Step 3

Once the account is set up (this only takes a few minutes), you are equipped to electronically send fingerprints to obtain Mississippi background checks.

Step 4

Once a background check is obtained, a notification letter must be sent to the applicant or person of record. Often, this is in the form of an employer notifying the individual of a successful search.

Step 5

If any technical issues arise from using this system, contact the State Department of Health for assistance.

Mississippi Background Check Special Notes

A Mississippi background check is protected by the State Department of Health, but there are other ways for individuals to access certain public criminal records for individuals. The court system is a good source and can be searched manually, but this can take time since there are multiple courts. In general, unless a person is authorized by the state, it will be difficult and time consuming to gather public criminal records on other individuals in Mississippi. Law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies may access complete criminal records for individuals, but employers will be limited to public criminal records like convictions.

Record request form

Individuals may not conduct criminal records searches through the State Department of Health unless authorized to do so. Authorized entities must create an online account, so there is no form to fill out for this service.