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New Hampshire Background Checks

New Hampshire background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

New Hampshire Division of State Police.
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, New Hampshire 03305
(603) 271-2538

The New Hampshire Division of State Police, which is part of the Department of Safety, is responsible for the Criminal Records Unit and maintaining the Criminal History Record Information Repository (CHRI). Additionally, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, Sex Offender Registry and the Uniform Crim Reporting System are also maintained by the Criminal Records Unit. These all combine together to create the central repository for criminal records and is the basis for any New Hampshire background check requests.

New Hampshire background checks may only be obtained by criminal justice agencies, authorized entities and individuals, and individuals wishing to review their own personal criminal history. New Hampshire criminal background checks are name-based and require a completed, notarized form, unless the individual appears in person to request the New Hampshire background check. Also, if a third party is to receive the results of background checks in New Hampshire, express permission must be granted on the records request form.

Steps for Retriving a New Hampshire Background Check

Step 1

Complete the Criminal Record Release form.

Step 2

Take the completed form to the public counter and present government-issued photo identification.

Step 3

Results of New Hampshire background checks will be returned while you wait.

Step 4

To mail the completed form, you must fill out section two and have it notarized. Then, mail it in with the appropriate fee.

Step 5

If a third party will receive the results, you must indicate this on the request form and have this notarized as well.

New Hampshire Background Check Special Notes

Background checks in New Hampshire, despite being name-based, are highly restricted. It’s essential that the authorization form is properly filled out, the identifying information is accurate and spelled correctly, and the form is properly notarized if you want the results mailed to you or a third party. Authorized employers who might require New Hampshire background searches include hospitals, non-profits, schools, daycare institutions and assisted living facilities. Results of criminal records requests will not divulge details of any convictions, so employers would need to question the individual. State licensing regulations might also require a criminal history report. If an individual wants to annul or challenge any finding on a personal criminal record, the New Hampshire Division of State Police will provide information on how to proceed.

Record request form

A New Hampshire criminal records search mandates that individuals fill out the following form: New Hampshire Division of State Police Criminal Record Release Form. The completed form needs to be notarized and mailed with the fee to the address listed on the form or remitted in person (without notarization).