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New Mexico Background Checks

New Mexico background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

New Mexico Department of Public Safety.
PO Box 1628
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
(505) 827-9181

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety oversees the State Central Repository for Criminal History, which compiles and maintains all arrest records for those arrested for felony, misdemeanor and DWI offenses. Misdemeanor offenses are described as acts requiring a punishment in excess of six months of incarceration. Background checks in New Mexico are protected by law, meaning the general public is not allowed access to the arrest records of others. Criminal justice agencies and authorized government agencies may request New Mexico background checks.

The other exception to obtaining New Mexico background checks is for individuals who wish to peruse their own criminal record. Also, an individual may authorize a third party to obtain and review the New Mexico criminal background check. This third party is often an attorney and is reviewed for legal purposes. Although all arrest records in the central repository are supported by fingerprint information, any New Mexico background check is via name-based search.

Steps for Retriving a New Mexico Background Check

Step 1

Obtain or download the Authorization for Release of Information Form from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

Step 2

Fill out the form in its entirety, making sure to print legibly.

Step 3

The completed form must be notarized, so bring a government-issued photo identification with you.

Step 4

Mail the completed form and fee to the Department of Public Safety using the address on the form.

Step 5

New Mexico background check results are typically returned in 7 to 15 business days from the time of receipt.

New Mexico Background Check Special Notes

New Mexico background checks search arrest records within the state’s repository for matches to the provided name, social security number and date of birth. Since all records are supported by fingerprints, this form of a name-based search is more reliable because those who get arrested are less likely to get away using an alias. All aliases associated with a single set of fingerprints will be deemed the same person in the system. Background checks in New Mexico are highly restricted, protecting the privacy of individuals, while still giving the option of checking personal criminal histories. Should a mistake be found on the arrest record, contact the New Mexico Department of Public Safety for instructions on how to proceed. Also, when filing out the authorization form to release criminal records, the original signature must be present of the form. No copies will be accepted.

Record request form

Individuals who wish to obtain their personal New Mexico criminal background check must fill out the following authorization form: New Mexico Department of Public Safety Authorization Form. Have this form notarized and mail it to the address on the form.