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Oregon Background Checks

Oregon background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Oregon State Police.
3772 Portland Road NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 378-3070

The Identification Services Section is a division of the Oregon State Police and oversees requests for an Oregon criminal background check. Anyone may make a request for Oregon background checks, as Oregon is an open records state. However, criminal history results on a third party will be limited and only reveal arrests that resulted in convictions. Also included are any arrests less than one year old that don’t have a disposition yet. Any charges filed that resulted in a dismissal or acquittal will not be included in the Oregon background check. Background checks in Oregon are mostly name-based searches, although a fingerprint search can be done. Typically, an individual requesting his own Oregon criminal background check will be instructed to remit a set of fingerprints for this search.

Background checks in Oregon require that individuals submit the subject’s full name (at least a first and last name), plus date of birth and last known mailing address. Oregon law requires that the subject of any Oregon background check be notified unless the name-based search returns no results. If a mailing address is not supplied for this notification purpose, the request cannot be satisfied. Requests can be made online or by mail.

Steps for Retriving a Oregon Background Check

Step 1

To request a name-based search by mail, fill out the Open Records Request Form and remit, with the appropriate fee, to the Oregon State Police. There is a two week waiting period to allow the subject of the request time to refute any conviction records.

Step 2

To request a name-based search online, click the “online request” link on the Oregon State Police website. Enter your credit card information and proceed with your search. There is a two week waiting period to allow the subject of the request time to refute any conviction records.

Step 3

To request your own criminal history, have your fingerprints taken at your local law enforcement agency on the blue applicant fingerprint card.

Step 4

Fill out the Own Record Request Form.

Step 5

Mail the completed fingerprint card, record request form and appropriate fee to the address listed, and results will be returned in about ten business days.

Oregon Background Check Special Notes

Background checks in Oregon can be conducted online, although there is a two week delay while the subject of the inquiry is sent a copy of his or her conviction record to review. The individual may challenge any conviction record found, although this won’t prevent the original requestor from receiving a copy. Individuals who wish to review their own complete criminal record must submit fingerprints for positive identification.

Record request form

Individuals who wish to obtain their own Oregon criminal records should fill out the following form: Oregon State Police Own Record Request Form.