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Texas Background Checks

Texas background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Texas Department of Public Safety.
PO Box 4143
Austin, Texas 78765
(512) 424-2478

Background checks in Texas are controlled by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which operates the Conviction Database, a compilation of public criminal records taken from the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) system. The CCH is the state’s central repository for all criminal records, both public and private, and can only be accessed by law enforcement and authorized criminal justice agencies. Texas background checks are available to the public, but only through the online portal of the Conviction Database. These records contain public conviction records or records with a deferred adjudication.

Background checks in Texas are name-based searches only, which has the potential to result in false negative and false positive results. Also, if a person was arrested under an alias, the record won’t show up on a name search unless the alias is also entered into the search. All criminal records contained in the CCH are supported by fingerprints. Local law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts are required to report all misdemeanor and felony arrests and cases to DPS for recording. A complete Texas criminal background check can be obtained by the person of record by contacting DPS directly.

Steps for Retriving a Texas Background Check

Step 1

Create an account through the Conviction Database by clicking on New User. Creating an account is free.

Step 2

Purchase the number of search credits needed. One search credit equals one Texas background check. Additional search credits must be purchased to search aliases or additional names.

Step 3

Enter the correct search criteria when prompted. First and last names are required, while the middle name and date of birth are optional.

Step 4

The Conviction Database will return the closest matches first and then widen the search. You won’t use a search credit until you choose a name to click on and view the record. You may preview records first without using a search credit.

Step 5

Once you locate the person, view and print the record from your computer.

Texas Background Check Special Notes

A Texas background check is conveniently done online, meaning results are instantaneous and can be printed right from a home computer. Also, the ability to preview conviction records, which often include a photo, helps ensure you’re choosing the correct criminal history. It doesn’t guarantee an individual doesn’t have additional criminal records filed under an alias, however. Texas background checks can be purchased by check or credit card, although search credits purchased with a check, which must be mailed, will delay your being able to begin the online search.

Record request form

Individuals who wish to request a Texas criminal background check should create an account at the following website: Texas Department of Public Safety Conviction Database.