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Virginia Background Checks

Virginia background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Virginia State Police.
PO Box 85076
Richmond, Virginia 23261
(804) 674-6718

The Virginia State Police acts as the state’s central repository for criminal records and is in charge of compiling, maintaining and disseminating these records. Although Virginia is an open records state, Virginia background checks are limited when requested by individuals on a third party. Individuals may review their own Virginia criminal background check in its entirety. Most third party requests are for employment or state licensing reasons. Individuals may, however, request a Virginia background check on another individual, provided they obtain the subject’s consent.

Certain authorized employers and licensing boards, like adoption agencies and public schools, are allowed access to an individual’s complete criminal history. Otherwise, Virginia background checks are limited to conviction information only. Background checks in Virginia are name-based, unless authorized entities are required to conduct a fingerprint search or an individual is challenging a criminal record associated with his name. The records request form allows the addition of any known aliases or former names, and it is recommended to fill in as many identifying features as possible to avoid false negatives or false positive results.

Steps for Retriving a Virginia Background Check

Step 1

Individuals who wish to obtain a Virginia background check must fill out Criminal Record Name Search form found on the Virginia State Police website.

Step 2

Individuals may download and print this form or fill it out online by answering a series of questions that then populate the form and prepare it to be printed from the site already completed (recommended).

Step 3

Enter as many identifiers as possible when filling out the form, including aliases, social security number, race, gender and date of birth.

Step 4

The printed form must be notarized. If the requester is not the subject, the subject must also sign his consent, and this must also be notarized.

Step 5

Mail the completed, notarized form to the address listed, along with the appropriate fee. Results are usually mailed in 12 to 14 business days.

Virginia Background Check Special Notes

Background checks in Virginia require that the subject of any request is notified and gives consent. This is achieved by having the subject sign his consent on the criminal records request form. This signature must also be notarized, along with the signature of the requester. This ensures that criminal history is not given to a third party unlawfully. Employers who work with children or vulnerable adults, however, do not need the request form notarized, although they must still obtain written consent from the individual.

Record request form

Individuals who wish to obtain a Virginia criminal background check should fill out the following form: Virginia State Police Criminal Record Name Search Form.