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Vermont Background Checks

Vermont background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

Vermont Department of Public Safety.
103 South Main Street
Waterbury, Vermont 05671
(802) 241-5157

The Vermont Department of Public Safety oversees the Division of Criminal Justice Services, which operates the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC). This is the state’s repository for criminal records and is also responsible for Vermont background checks. Anyone may request a Vermont background check, as Vermont is an open records state. However, background checks in Vermont available to the public are limited to convictions only. The exception to this is law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, who may access a person’s complete criminal history. However, individuals can request a complete, personal Vermont criminal background check on themselves.

Public Vermont background checks will include any convictions and detail the offense, date of conviction, county, the conviction level (i.e. felony or misdemeanor), and any sentence imposed. A Vermont criminal background check is a name-based search, although all criminal records in the VCIC are supported by fingerprints. However, it is possible to miss criminal records filed under an alias through a name-based search.

Steps for Retriving a Vermont Background Check

Step 1

To request a personal criminal history report, individuals must appear in person at VCIC with government-issued photo identification. There is no charge to view results, but there is a fee to print the report.

Step 2

Individuals may also obtain a conviction report on anyone by appearing in person at VCIC and submitting a completed request form and fee.

Step 3

To obtain a conviction report by mail, fill out the request form and send it, along with the required fee, to the address listed. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for results.

Step 4

To obtain a conviction report online, visit VCIC Internet Service website and click on the “start” button beneath the request by credit card method, then agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5

Enter the full name and date of birth of the subject, remit payment and view instant results that you can print from your computer.

Vermont Background Check Special Notes

A Vermont background check is easy to obtain, whether you choose to go online, in person, or request by mail. Individuals who wish to view their personal criminal history, which includes all arrests, pending charges and dispositions in addition to any convictions, must visit VCIC in person. Background checks in Vermont can also be obtained online and by mail. The online and in person options provide almost instant results. Receiving results by mail takes five to seven business days to process.

Record request form

Individuals who wish to obtain a Vermont criminal records check in the form of a conviction report should fill out the following form: Vermont Department of Public Safety Request for Criminal Conviction Information.