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West Virginia Background Checks

West Virginia background check, including criminal records, incarceration records, and inmate records

State Office

West Virginia State Police.
725 Jefferson Road
South Charleston, West Virginia 25309
(304) 746-2170

The West Virginia State Police oversees the Criminal Identification Bureau, which acts as the state’s central repository for criminal records. West Virginia background checks are available to the public, as West Virginia is an open records state, but individual consent is required for release to a third party. West Virginia background checks reveal a person’s entire criminal history, including photographs, fingerprints, arrests, convictions and dispositions. Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies may obtain a complete West Virginia criminal background check without an individual’s consent, however.

Background checks in West Virginia for non-criminal justice purposes are fingerprint-based and conducted by L-1 Identity Solutions, an independent vendor. A West Virginia background check is usually obtained for employment or state licensing reasons, although individuals may review their personal criminal record. Any agency or employer must obtain written authorization from the subject before conducting a West Virginia criminal background check. L-1 has various locations throughout the state, making it easier for individuals get a criminal records search performed. L-1 can also obtain an FBI criminal background search if necessary.

Steps for Retriving a West Virginia Background Check

Step 1

Visit the L-1 Identity Solutions website and click on West Virginia to get started.

Step 2

Click on Browse Locations to determine the closest L-1 facility.

Step 3

Click to schedule your appointment online or call L-1 at (855) 766-7746 to set up your appointment.

Step 4

Bring government-issued photo identification to your appointment and either prepay your fee online or pay at your appointment.

Step 5

Results are typically returned within a few days and are mailed to the individual or agency.

West Virginia Background Check Special Notes

If an individual cannot conveniently get to an L-1 facility to be fingerprinted, a hard card can be submitted. Simply visit your local law enforcement agency and get fingerprinted on an FBI fingerprint card and make sure the fingerprint card is completed accurately with full name, address, gender, date of birth, height, weight, hair and eye color, place of birth and citizenship, and reason for getting fingerprinted. Background checks in West Virginia using a hard card will also require individuals to fill out the proper authorization form. This information is detailed, and the forms can be printed from L-1’s website. L-1 must convert any physical fingerprints to electronic ones, so the fingerprints submitted must be clear and usable, or results will be delayed.

Record request form

Individuals who wish to obtain a West Virginia background check by submitting fingerprints on a hard card should fill out the following form: West Virginia State Police Hard Card Form.