What Is a Public Record?

What Is a Public Record?

​A public record is a county, state, or federal document that can be viewed by anyone. These documents are not considered confidential and are publicly available for anyone to access.

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Thanksgiving Facts To Bring To The Table

Thanksgiving is one of America's most cherished national holidays. Americans gather with friends and family to express their gratitude, but the rich history behind this day is often forgotten. To honor the full spirit of this November holiday, we've put together some interesting facts to bring to the dinner table on Thursday.

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New Feature: State Courts Pages

We've added new information to PeopleSmart, and we wanted to share it with you. Recently, we updated the information for each State's Court Agency page in our public records database. This is where you can go to find information about retrieving public records from a state's court office.

One of the challenges of working with public records is that many are not yet digitized. So, if you need a copy of your birth certificate, or want to verify certain court records, you might need to order a physical copy. Our Court Agency pages will be an important tool for researchers, especially those dealing with records in multiple states.

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