PeopleSmart Aligns With Privacy And Connection

PeopleSmart Aligns With Privacy And Connection

PeopleSmart is enhancing the way that you can connect through our new feature: our Postal Relay Service. Postal Relay helps you send letters through the U.S. Postal Service to your desired recipient, even when you don’t know the address.

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Now You Can Flag Inaccurate Contact Information

Now You Can Flag Inaccurate Contact Information

At PeopleSmart, we work hard to provide you with the most accurate information to help you connect with family, friends, business associates, and other important people in your life. Sometimes, though, the information we draw on may be incorrect or out of date. Finding an outdated address or phone number can be a frustrating experience. Now, you can speed up the process of correcting outdated information—whether it’s your own or someone else’s—by flagging inaccuracies. We’ll double check our sources and update our records.

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Check Out the Latest PeopleSmart Updates: Redesigned Reports, IdentitySmart Alerts Digest, and More

Check Out the Latest PeopleSmart Updates: Redesigned Reports, IdentitySmart Alerts Digest, and More

​As we continue to innovate the way people search and connect with each other online, we’re constantly thinking of new features to make the process quicker and simpler for our users. Each month, we release new features to improve your PeopleSmart experience and expand the number of resources available to you. Here is what you can look forward to this month.

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Introducing the New PeopleSmart

Introducing the New PeopleSmart

It’s finally here! We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of the completely redesigned PeopleSmart website. PeopleSmart is a search engine designed to help people find and connect with one another. Our company’s mission is to “build trusted connections” and we have incorporated that idea into every aspect of the new PeopleSmart website. PeopleSmart’s vision is to organize national directory information with a focus on data quality, trust, and privacy. Our team has been hard at work for over a year to bring you an amazing PeopleSmart experience. Check out some of our favorite new features and functionalities.

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Memberships For Professionals

A newsroom gets a call about a hot story. The cub reporter answers the phone and learns that police just made arrested a suspect in connection with a string of burglaries dogging the town for months. A tip like this could put the cub reporter on the map, if she can get her sources together in time to break the news. People search engine to the rescue!

This scenario is hypothetical, but the need to find accurate information quickly is very real.

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Hi, I’m PeopleSmart. Can we be friends?

"A good reputation is more valuable than money." -- Publilius Syrus (~100 BC) In a way, PeopleSmart is about reputation; how our products help you protect yours, and how much you trust ours. We work hard every day to cultivate a first-rate reputation, and in part, the launch of the new PeopleSmart blog signals our desire to let you know how. While frequent visitors to PeopleSmart may notice evolutionary changes to the site, many of which further protect privacy while delivering fast and accurate search results, until now we didn't have a venue to highlight some of the cooler tools and safeguards we're developing.

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