Get the Full Picture: Records from County Courthouses Now Available in Premium Reports

PeopleSmart now brings you a report beyond any other online service: we added records directly from county courthouses to your Premium Report. The standard online search finds all of the available online records, but we found a way for our members to gain access to even more information.

Before you complete your search, take a look at what you can add to your report. We give you the option to retrieve comprehensive records that include all of the available online information, while also finding the records that do not exist online.

Why Upgrade Your Report?

  1. Over 30% of public records don’t exist online.

    They can only be found at the original courthouse or filing agency. This means that, even after receiving an online report, there is still a portion of the report that is only available in person. Enter: our court runners.

  2. Court runners digitize the documents and send them to your inbox.

    Our court runners are trained professionals who do the work for you; they collect the hard-copy public records and digitize the information. Select the counties that you wish to check, and we send court runners to find the information that you want. Within about a week, these records are available in your Premium Report and you will receive an email notification in your inbox.

  3. Access more complete profile records.

    With an upgraded report, you gain access to any available court runner records, bankruptcies, property ownership, professional licenses, and more. A Premium Report includes the records that you can’t get online.

How Does It Work?

When you choose to upgrade, you have the option to search court records in as many counties as you wish—and the first three counties are on us. If you wish to search more than three counties, we cut the price down for you: each additional county is half of its original cost.

We send court runners to search all across the country. When we find documents, we put the information into a digital format, which typically takes two to seven days. With this new way of receiving reports, we continue to deliver the complete search results to your computer and keep it simple for you.

You have the option to purchase a Single Premium Report, our 3 Premium Report Bundle, or upgrade to a PeopleSmart PRO membership. Upgrading to a PeopleSmart PRO membership gives you access to five comprehensive reports each month, plus unlimited searches for contact information and online court records.

Enjoy The Benefits

With a PeopleSmart Public Records membership, you have access to all of the digitized court records. This means that you can access all of the records that are online. By upgrading to a Premium Report, you now have access to the stray 30% of records.

Other online people-search engines only give you the online results, but we didn’t think that gave you the full picture. At PeopleSmart, we are committed to providing the most complete reports that we can, while upholding privacy. We are excited to bring off-line benefits to your online experience.