Win up to $3000 with PeopleSmart’s Scholarship Essay Contest!

UPDATE: We have a winner!

Calling all high school students: we have an opportunity for you that you just can’t miss out on. From now until April 30th, 2014, you can participate in the PeopleSmart Scholarship Contest and win up to $3000 to put towards your college tuition. All you have to do is answer one essay question about social media privacy.
Here are the three questions you can choose from. Choose ONE only!

  • How does social networking shape identity? Outline the history of social networking sites and their positive and negative impacts on privacy and personal identity?
  • What does the future of social networking and privacy look like? What can people do to protect them selves in this digital age?
  • Imagine you have the power to control technology and legislation around privacy. Propose an innovative feasible and successful solution to improve privacy.
  • Writing isn’t your strong suit? No worries, we also have a creative option where you can answer any one of the questions through a creative medium or style of your choice. Write a song, make a video, or paint a picture. All creative entries will undergo internal judging until three finalists are chosen. If you are a finalist, your work will be publicly judged by popular vote on social media for a $500 prize. Using social media polling tools, whichever finalist is able to get the most likes and shares will be crowned the winner. Want to learn more? For the full details around contestant requirements as well as the submission form, click here or visit us at, Follow PeopleSmart on Facebook, Twitter and Google+