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Alaska Public Records

In Alaska, vital records (birth, marriage, divorce, death) and court records (civil and criminal) are all considered public records. Statewide recording of vital records began in 1913. Vital records are strictly confidential, available to immediate family only, until they become Alaska public records which is 100 years after birth, and 50 years after marriage, divorce or death, except for marriage license records which are always public. Vital records are obtained by mail from the Alaskan Bureau of Vital statistics. Alaska public court records are available through the Alaska Administrative Office of Courts; an index for records after 1990 is online. Copies require written requests.

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Anchorage  Borough

Alaska's Anchorage County Bureau of Vital Statistics office maintains birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. Individuals may obtain the following certificates through this office: birth certificates, stillborn certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, heirloom birth certificates, and heirloom marriage certificates. This office also handles cultural adoptions, burial transit permits and marriage licenses, as well as maintains data, statistics and hospital reports. Certified copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates can be obtained in the Records Processing Unit of Juneau.

Fairbanks North Star  Borough

Alaska's Fair Banks North Star Borough maintains all public records and makes them available to the general public for review and copying. All public records for available for inspection for a small fee, with the exception of the following documents: juvenile records, medical and related public health documents, documents that have a legitimate expectation of privacy, such as credit applications and deed of trusts, privileged documents, such as attorney-client communications, and any names and addresses of informants or complainants in criminal matters.

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