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Arkansas Public Records

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Arkansas Public Records

The Vital Records section of the Arkansas Department of Health administers birth, death, marriage, and divorce records, which are Arkansas public records. All birth and death certificates are available from 1914 forward. Arkansas public records do not include birth certificates less than 100 years old or death certificates less than 50 years old, which are restricted to relatives and representatives of the registered person. Certificates can be obtained by mail or in person. Marriage and divorce coupons (not certified records) are available from the state. All Arkansas vital records are available in person, by mail, or online. Some Arkansas court records are online on the CourtConnect system.

Lookup Public Records In Arkansas Counties

Benton  County

Arkansas's Benton County Circuit Clerk maintains all public records, except court cases, which are maintained by the Court's Office. Some of the records that can be searched include mortgages, liens and deeds. This office, however, does not perform criminal records checks. The Count Clerk's Office maintains birth, marriage and voter records.

Pulaski  County

Arkansas's Pulaski County government serves as the clerk for the probate, county and quorum courts. This office also maintains records for deeds, mortgages, liens, surety bonds and other information as it relates to property within the county. The County Clerk maintains real estate, marriage and voter records.

Washington  County

Arkansas's Washington County provides court record searches. Individuals can obtain court records by searching under plaintiff name or defendant name using their online search tool. The court records that can be searched include criminal cases, civil cases and chancery cases. Individuals may also contact the Washington County Archives to obtain copies of any court records.

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