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Connecticut Public Records

Connecticut Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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Connecticut Public Records

Connecticut public records can be obtained from the Vital Records Offices either within the 169 towns or the State office. The State Vital Records Office at the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) maintains a statewide registry of all births, deaths, and marriages since 1897, with a death index for 1949-present and a marriage index for 1959-present; prior records are available at the Connecticut State Library. Connecticut public vital records can be ordered online for a fee from VitalChek. Connecticut public records include all court records, maintained by the judicial branch under the authority of the Chief Court Administrator.

Lookup Public Records In Connecticut Counties

Fairfield  County

If you're looking for public records through Connecticut's Fairfield County, unfortunately, they will not be available. This state does not have any county governments and therefore no county courts or county recording offices. Individuals looking for public records can instead contact a central database, called Court PC, to find the location of particular public records. All deed and mortgages in Connecticut are filed on the local level, and most towns and cities have their own probate courts, thereby making this central database particularly helpful.

Hartford  County

Connecticut's Hartford County does not have a government office that can provide you with access to public records, as the state does not maintain any county governments, and subsequently, there are no county recording offices or county courts. If you need public records from Hartford County, you can search through Court PC, the state's central database, which can direct you to where the public records in question are stored. If you looking for deed and mortgage records in Connecticut, these are maintained at the local level, while most cities and towns manage their own probate courts. All of this information, however, can be revealed through Court PC.

New Haven  County

New Haven County in Connecticut does not offer any public records on the county level, as the state does not operate county governments, and thus, there are no county courts of county recording offices either. However, if you need New Haven County public records, you can find this data through Court PC, which is the state's main database of records. Through the database, you can locate exactly where particular public records are located. For example, Connecticut's deeds and mortgages are kept on record locally, while each town and city operates their own probate court.

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