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Delaware Public Records

The Delaware Judiciary is composed of the following courts: Supreme, chancery, superior, family, common pleas, and justice of the peace, with related judicial agencies, including the Administrative Office of the Courts. The justice of the peace courts handle civil cases under $15,000, while the court of common pleas handles civil cases from $15,000-$50,000 and misdemeanors. The superior court has original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases, while the court of the chancery handles business and equity matters.

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Kent  County

Delaware's Kent County Levy Court is responsible for maintaining copies of all legal documents relating to property, including land, appointments and mortgages. This office also provides forms relating to transfer tax rates, transfer tax returns, first-time home buyer certification, satisfaction piece form, and property owner information forms.

New Castle  County

Delaware's New Castle County Recorder of Deeds maintains, records and processes the following records: deeds and deed restrictions, easements, mortgages, federal tax liens, and plot plans. Individuals may search for these records using a comprehensive online database, and records can be found through either a simple search or advanced search.

Sussex  County

Delaware's Sussex County is responsible for maintaining marriage licenses and property records, including deeds, plats, tax maps, surveys and related public information Individuals can search records using the owner's name, or perform a map search and search by district, map and parcel number. Individuals may also search by billing address or property description.

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