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Kansas Public Records

The Kansas Office of Vital Statistics is in charge of preserving and dispensing copies of Kansas public records. Among the Kansas public records that are preserved by the Kansas Office of Vital Statistics are adoption records, birth and death certificates, probate records, marriage license records, and divorce records. Copies of these records are available by mail or telephone or in person through the office's walk-in service. Criminal, juvenile, civil, and traffic court records are available in the county in which the case was adjudicated. Some Kansas public records are also available in the county where they were recorded.

Lookup Public Records In Kansas Counties

Johnson  County

Kansas' Johnson County District Court maintains public court records for Johnson County. Individuals can search for criminal/juvenile and traffic court records, civil court records, marriage licenses and probate records. Johnson County's Archives and Records Management Department maintains birth records, death records and divorce records.

Sedgwick  County

Kansas' Sedgwick County Clerk's Office maintains the following vital statistics: birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records and adoption records. Individuals may obtain copies of these records either by mail, by phone or through their walk-in service. This office is also responsible for providing other county forms.

Shawnee  County

Kansas' Shawnee County Clerk of the District Court is responsible for providing public access to civil court cases, criminal court cases, domestic court cases, probate court cases and traffic court cases. Individuals can search for these county records using the District Court's online search engine, which can find records through the case number, name or type of case.

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