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Louisiana Public Records

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Louisiana Public Records

Civil recording of Louisiana vital public records began in July 1914, with some records from 1790 for births, 1804 for marriages, and 1870 for deaths. The Louisiana State Archives maintains records over 100 years old for births and over 50 years old for marriages and deaths, with online searching at the Louisiana Secretary of State website; more recent records are subject to privacy laws. Copies can be requested from the Vital Records Registry, Louisiana Department of Health. The Louisiana Judicial Administrator, the administrative arm of the Louisiana Supreme Court, has supervisory jurisdiction over all courts, each of which maintains its own Louisiana public records.

Lookup Public Records In Louisiana Parishes

Caddo  Parish

Louisiana's Caddo County Parish Clerk of Court is responsible for maintaining all records related to the criminal courts, the civil, domestic and family courts, the criminal courts, property records and marriage licenses. Online Internet inquiries with unlimited access to information and images are available to individuals for a flat, monthly fee.

East Baton Rouge  Parish

Louisiana's East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court allows individuals to obtain court and other public records through an online system. Criminal, civil, traffic, probate and family court information is available through a web-based ACS Index, while mortgage, conveyance and map indexes are available through an Image Network System.

Jefferson  Parish

Louisiana's Jefferson County Parish Clerk of Court features a Jeffnet Internet Service that allows individuals to search court records, including property, civil, criminal and other public records. This Internet database, which is available around the clock, charges individuals a set-up fee and subscriber fee, and individuals are also charged per page for all mortgage and conveyance, civil and criminal documents.

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