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Maine Public Records

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Maine Public Records

Vital records in Maine are closed records; birth records are closed for 75 years, deaths for 25 years, and marriages for 50 years. After that time they become Maine public records, open to anyone. Records from 1892-1955 are available at the Maine State Archives; records from 1923-present are housed at the Office of Vital Records, including divorce records 1892-present. Court records are also considered as Maine public records, open to anyone, and date back to 1636. The ancient historical records, including case records, dockets and case files, are held at the Maine State Archives, with records 1696-1854 available at and Maine GenWeb.

Lookup Public Records In Maine Counties

Cumberland  County

Maine's Cumberland County Records Department enables individuals to search public records through an online search engine using the name, volume/book or document number. Some of the records that may be searched using this system include: mortgages, liens and deeds. Once the book has been identified, the individual can either search for the case in person or on the Internet.

York  County

Maine's York County Registry of Deeds allows individuals to search and view information related to land records and plans databases. Access to public records requires a subscription. Once a subscription has been established, the individual can create an account and track his or her records and searches. In addition, the account may be edited upon signing in, and users can add credits to their accounts or create subaccounts, as desired. Individuals may, however, obtain public records by paying per request, although individuals making several searches or frequent searches will likely benefit from a subscription.

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