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Michigan Public Records

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Michigan Public Records

Michigan public records include vital records and court records. The State of Michigan Vital Records Office maintains Michigan public records, which can be obtained online as well as by mail or phone. The office has records of births, deaths, and marriages dating back as far as 1867 and divorces as far back as 1897. Requests for birth records less than 100 years old are restricted to a parent or guardian, the person named, or an heir. Death, marriage, and divorce records are unrestricted. Court records are available online for Supreme and Appeals Court cases and for some district and circuit courts.

Lookup Public Records In Michigan Counties

Macomb  County

Michigan's Macomb County Clerk/Register of Deeds is responsible for maintaining vital records, including birth records, death records, military discharge records, and passports, all of which can be obtained through fax or mail. Macomb County's Circuit Court maintains all records relating to the county courts.

Oakland  County

Michigan's Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds, through the vital records division, maintains the following public records: assumed names, birth, death and marriage records, marriage licenses, military discharges and passports. The Legal Records Division is responsible for maintaining all records relating to civil, domestic and felony criminal cases.

Wayne  County

Michigan's Wayne County Register of Deeds maintains all records relating to land transactions in Wayne County. Some of the different land records maintained by this office include land contracts, mortgages, liens and lease agreements. All records, after they are recorded, are considered public record and are therefore available to the general public.

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