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Montana Public Records

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Montana Public Records

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services maintains only birth and death vital records. In 1995, Montana enacted a “30-year law” making these records private to family only; after 30 years they are available to anyone. Birth and death records can be ordered by mail or online through VitalChek. Marriage and divorce records are found with other court records, all considered open Montana public records. Court records are available online or at the individual court under the supervision of the Montana Administrative Office of Courts. Although many Montana public records can be purged after ten years, they are first archived on microfilm.

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Flathead  County

Montana's Flathead County Clerk of Court maintains records for marriage licenses, passports and child support records. This office also assists the District Court judges in maintaining all District Court records. Searches can be performed on civil, criminal, probate and divorce records, and all searches can be performed by submitting a written request to the Clerk of Court.

Missoula  County

Montana's Missoula County Office of the Clerk and Records is responsible for maintain birth records, death records and property records, including land transfer documents, certificates of surveys and subdivision plats and federal tax liens. Individuals seeking copies of birth or death certificates can download a PDF file and submit it either in person or through the mail.

Yellowstone  County

Montana's Yellowstone County Judicial District Court is responsible for maintaining court records for the following courts: probate, civil and criminal. In addition, this court is also responsible for maintaining records of all marriages occurring in the county. Requests for public records and court records by either be done in person or by submitting a written request.

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