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New Jersey Public Records

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New Jersey Public Records

In New Jersey, birth, death, and marriage records are maintained by the Vital Statistics and Registry Bureau of the Department of Health and Senior Services. These New Jersey public records date back to 1901. Access to certified copies of these records is limited to the persons named, family members, and legal representatives. Anyone can obtain unofficial copies of birth and death certificates and marriage licenses. These can be obtained by phone, mail, or online. Divorce records are centrally kept New Jersey public records (by a different agency) and can be obtained by mail. Some court records are available online for civil and appeals cases.

Lookup Public Records In New Jersey Counties

Bergen  County

New Jersey's Bergen County features an online request form, Government Records Request Form through the Custodian of Records, that allows an individual to submit a written request to the appropriate department or division within the county, including the County Clerk, Human Services, Board of Taxation, Health Services and Community Development .

Essex  County

New Jersey's Essex County is responsible for maintaining all public records relating to Essex County. A downloadable PDF form can be filled out when requesting public records. Birth, death and marriage records, however, can be obtained through the appropriate Essex County Vital Statistics Office where the event occurred.

Middlesex  County

New Jersey's Middlesex County Clerk is responsible for maintaining wedding certificates and all documents relating to the purchase and sale of real estate within the county. Individuals may use the online search tool to search for public land records, including mortgages, deeds, assignments and liens, among others.

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