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North Carolina Public Records

North Carolina Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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North Carolina Public Records

North Carolina public records include access to vital records dating back to 1868. The office of North Carolina Vital Records maintains birth records since 1913, death records since 1930, divorce records since 1958, and marriage records since 1962. Copy requests can be made by mail or in-person; however, online and phone requests are made through the independent agency VitalChek. Older records are at the North Carolina State Archives, such as 1913-1955 death records, or through individual county registers, such as marriages starting in 1868. Many county registers have online searchable record databases. North Carolina public records also include court records and deeds.

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Guilford  County

North Carolina's Guilford County Register of Deeds maintains records of vital records for the county, including birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates. Individuals requesting vital records must be entitled to obtain a copy, and copies can be obtained by either an in-person request or through the mail.

Mecklenburg  County

North Carolina's Mecklenburg County maintains all vital records related to the county, including birth records, death records, real estate records and military records. The Register of Deeds maintains all real estate and business documents, as well as marriage licenses, birth and death certificates and military discharge records. The Vital Statistics Office also maintains and issues copies of birth and death records.

Wake  County

North Carolina's Wake County Register of Deeds, Vital Records Services, certifies and maintains all birth and death records for the county. Copies of birth and death certificates may either be obtained in person or through the mail. The County Clerk of Wake County maintains all criminal records, and individuals may obtain criminal records either through an in-person or mail request.

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