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Oklahoma Public Records

Oklahoma Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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Oklahoma Public Records

Oklahoma public records, maintained by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, are subject to privacy restrictions if the person of record is alive. Oklahoma began birth/death record filing in 1908, but it was not mandatory until 1917, and record-filing was not ubiquitous until 1940. All other Oklahoma public records (marriage, divorce, naturalizations, land, and court) are maintained by the courts. The Oklahoma Historical Society has a marriage index for some 1889-1951 records and historical court records dating to 1844. Online vital records are available through VitalChek. Court docket information is being digitized by the Oklahoma judiciary, currently (in 2011) 50% complete.

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Cleveland  County

Oklahoma's Cleveland County Court Clerk is responsible for maintaining, recording and filing all records relating to the District Courts of Cleveland judicial district. Some of the records that can be obtained through the County Clerk relates to the civil court, the family domestic court, the small claims court, the criminal court, the probate court, and the traffic court.

Oklahoma  County

Oklahoma's Oklahoma County Clerk maintains all court records that were filed in Oklahoma County, including small claims court, probate court, criminal court and family domestic court. Other services provided through the County Clerk include passport processing and marriage license processing. Forms relating to the county's courts may also be found on the County Clerk's website.

Tulsa  County

Oklahoma's Tulsa County Health Department, through the Vital Records Office, maintains records relating to birth and death. Birth and death certificates can be obtained through the Department of Health's Tulsa Division of Vital Records either in person, by phone or by fax. These vital records are not open for public inspection.

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